Sam Mintz

Web Developer | Blogger | Sports Nut

I am a newly minted web developer driven by passion and purpose to succeed in a team environment with shared values and objectives. I work effectively when striving toward identified goals that take advantage of my strengths of perseverance, grit, and problem solving ability.

After a successful stint working as a team member to satisfy customers’ needs at my prior job, I recognized the importance of developing a new set of skills in a world that was increasingly reliant on technology. I identified coding as the avenue to success in this new environment.

My life experiences, especially my participation in various sporting endeavors, also taught me important lessons of teamwork, overcoming hurdles and challenges, and finding success through hard work and shared goals. These attributes will serve me well as a web developer at a company focused on achieving specific team goals.

When I'm not coding, you can find me updating my soccer blog, watching my favorite sports teams, or training for triathlons.



A two player Bike Race game inspired by my love for Cycling. Players must avoid moving objects across the screen. The first player to cross the finish line wins the round and the first player to win three rounds wins the game.

Built with: HTML, CSS, Javasript, and Canvas


Zone Finder Chicago allows users to enter an address and see if it fails within a residental parking area. The application also lets the user know what specific pass they will need in order to park in that location.

Built with: HTML CSS, EJS, Express, Mongoose, and MongoDB

Powered by: Chicago Open Data API and Google Maps API


An application designed to connect teams in rec sports leagues with players. Players can sign up to be subs for individual games. Teams can view available players for each game. When teams know they will be short on players they can contact the substitute player.

Built with: React, Sinatra, Ruby, PostgreSQL